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RE: [IPk] I need help

I did blood tests in class for 4 years at secondary school (Alice Ottley
School, Worcester). It was never a problem. I have also tested in GCSE and
A-level examinations and university examinations. To be honest no-one
usually notices. I really don't see the problem if Amy can treat a hypo
herself. It is surely less disruptive both to Amy and the class if she's
allowed to get on with things.
Hope you succeed,
DM 7+y, 508 1y (nearly!)

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Hello all,

I need help!

I am trying to compile a list of schools in the United Kingdom, that do
allow blood glucose testing in the classroom. The head teacher  is
considering whether to allow blood glucose testing at our school and I am
writing him a letter stating all the benefits of bg testing in class. At the
moment I have a few addresses of schools that do allow it but I want to
supply him with as many as I possibly can.

I would like to know if any of you have had any problems with schools about
bg testing. They seem very unwilling to allow Amy to conduct blood glucose
testing in the classroom and make her go to the medical room. Amy sometimes
finds it difficult to tell the difference from her highs and lows as she has
complained of feeling dizzy before and she has been very high. They also
send her along to the medical room with another pupil which I am not very
comfortable about. If I had diabetes I think I would be most upset if I was
made to go the medical room at work every time I felt the need to do a blood
glucose test. Every time she feels has to do a bg test she loses valuable
classroom time in the process. It only takes approx 1 min to do a bg test,
she has a box in the classroom which has stuff in it for hypo's yet they
make her go to the medical room every time.

Paul Hawkins dad to Amy aged 9 dx @6 not yet pumping and Thomas aged 9
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