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[IPk] first few days

Hi everyone

Ryan went on his pump with insulin on Tues, no problems numbers still up and 
down whilst setting basal rates and we're definatley going in the right 

Last night before tea Ryan was 8.8mmol we had potatoes,chops, peas and gravy 
bolused 1.6 units to cover plus 1 unit for pudding. I went out shopping when I 
got back at 8.00pm Ryan's numbers had gone to 23mmol with 0.2 blood ketones 
we did a correction bolus and tested again at 9.00 he was HI  with no ketones 
gave him 2.5 units with the pen. By midnight he was 5.8mmol 3 o'clock 7.8 and 
so on.....

We couldn't see anything up when the set or the pump, he had had a set change 
24 hours before so I thought there was nothing up with the site. I would 
prefer it if I knew what the problem had been so we could avoid or get round 
it..... does this happen to others?? There were some tiny air bubbles in the 
resovoir which we didn't see when priming would that cause this problem?

Forgot to say i put a new set in after I'd bolused him with a pen.

Bye for now

Denise mum to Ryan aged 7 pumping 4 days
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