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Re: [IPk] first few days

I find that the tube tends to work free / become caught if the pocket is
in clothing which is not tight against the skin.  I.e. it works fine if
the pocket is in jeans, or if the waistband is a fitted skirt - the
problem comes with elasticised things, like pyjamas, where the pump's
weight tends to make the clothing gap away from the body.

Things which work with such clothing: taping a loop a few inches away
from the pump.

Making a little hole through the pocket lining (just taking out a couple
of stitches).

Wearing really snug underwear, and putting all the tube inside.

The length of tube really isn't an issue : it's the first foot or so
which is the problem, and all tubes have that.

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 2+, you wouldn't believe what a bad day I've had with a
certain pump supplier's courier company!)

In message <email @ redacted>,
email @ redacted writes
> We were delighted to get Rob's pump yesterday morning and are currently doing
 >the first week of saline. He seems pretty confident with it, but there are a
>teething problems. He is only 10 years old and quite slightly built. Where
 >should it be kept. We have tried his pocket, but because there seems to be
>a lot of tubing, it tends to hang around outside of his clothing and therefore
 >could get caught. We have tried wearing the little "bum-bag" with it quite
>to his body, but this seems to be restricting his movement. Any clues from any
 >other children as to what they have found the best to do. Also, any clues as
 >how to "tie up" the tubing so that it is not quite so loose and hanging
>We would love to hear from anybody who has found a better "bum-bag" or system
>for hiding, protecting and wearing the pump.
>So far though, he seems pretty happy with it.
>Jane Jones
>for Robert Jones aged 10 years.  dxd 5 years
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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