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Re: [IPk] first few days

> We were delighted to get Rob's pump yesterday morning and are currently doing
>the first week of saline. He seems pretty confident with it, but there are
>a few
>teething problems. He is only 10 years old and quite slightly built. Where
>should it be kept. We have tried his pocket, but because there seems to be
>a lot of tubing, it tends to hang around outside of his clothing and therefore
>could get caught. We have tried wearing the little "bum-bag" with it quite
>to his body, but this seems to be restricting his movement. Any clues from any
>other children as to what they have found the best to do. Also, any clues
>as to
>how to "tie up" the tubing so that it is not quite so loose and hanging
>We would love to hear from anybody who has found a better "bum-bag" or system
>for hiding, protecting and wearing the pump.

Jane - I always keep my pump in my trouser pocket. I cut a small slit high
up in the inside lining of the pocket, and pass the tubing through the
hole. That way, no tubing at all is exposed to the outside air. Pump and
tubing all stay at body temperature. I've been through all my trousers
cutting these small hidden holes. The freezing winter weather has already
arrived here in southern Germany, so no risk of insulin freezing in the
tubing. And in summer there's no risk of sunlight degrading the insulin.

Funny how the pump companies don't encourage people to hide their pumps
away. I'm not for secrecy, but I am for discretion.


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