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Re: [IPk] Withdrawl of funding?? Advice Needed.

This seems to be a variation on the "patient is non-compliant" theme.  

 I know the pump companies have reps on this list, so what is your take on this?
Isn't this
 a situation where you should be going in with more education and information
for these
pump-newbies - both medical staff at the centres and the patients?

 Being as worried about the potential results of the next HbA1C is enough to
raise bgs and may
 cause some people to run their bgs lower. Is this viewed as being acceptable? I
would say not.

 I also know that my insulin use since switching to a pump is being monitored.
Like Julian, Helen and others,
 I too have multiple health issues to deal with involving lots of different meds
yet rarely are these taken into
account but *I* always include these in any written communication about my DM.

 I've now taken to following up any verbal exchange whether my phone or in
person re my DM with a written Record of Note
 to confirm what has been said. Irritates the bejabbers out of me to have to do
this as I could do more interesting things
 with my time but so far the powers that be have not threatened me with
withdrawal of funding despite higher HbA1cs for a
 variety of reasons (remember the humalog antibody saga?; then multiple courses
of antibiotics and steroids).

 It always amazes and gently amuses me that when most ill or dealing with most
health issues, then we have to be at
 our most proactive with health givers! I always say you need to be fit to be a
patient! Julian, guess my sarcasm is showing
now too or is it just reality based on experience?

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