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[IPk] storing strips

 Have about 400 strips as GP gives me 3 months supply at a time. I recently
moved them to our dressing table ( several compartments
 and seemed suitable for D supplies) unfortunately this is right in front of a
radiator, Yesterday as I arrived home I noted that the
 heating had accidentally been left on and the temperature inside the drawer was
subtropical, The instructions on the strip carton
 advises storing belo 30 degrees. The radiator obviously is on for an hour or so
at different times of day but I haven't noticed it
 being expecially hot here before, I assume this is because it had not been left
on for hours, as yesterday. (the temperature in our
 house is a subject of continual debate beteen me and my boyfriend: I believe
that plan A should be put on a jumper, and plan B: if
 still cold turn up the heating, but he prefers the reverse so our house is
often roasting)
 I checked one of the packets using control solution yesterday and it seemed
fine. I assume the best thing to do is just this,
 intermittantly to check the stripsa re not deteriorating, and possibly compare
with a visual strip. Would be embarassed and guilty
 to ask GP to replace 3 months ( not sure they would although they have been
excellent with referrals, prescriptions etc so far) Of
 course if control reading is out of range, eror messages etc I can tell porky
pies to the manufacturers/ pharmacist and hopefull get
 freee replacements as given faulty batches ( strange as different code s on all
the packets!) Hope you are not listening!!
Any other suggestions. ?
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