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Re: [IPk] Using inserters - US policy?

Actually i think Dr Pickup at Guys Hospital pioneered portable insulin pump 
therapy back in the mid 70s.... but I could be wrong.

Medtronic over here tell me not to manually insert sets due to the high 
risk of kinking during manual insertion without adequate speed - and having 
had to do so with some Tenders I trialed and making a complete cock-up of 
it (because of my phobia), I can see why. I may not have caused tissue 
trauma with the Tenders, but certainly caused mental distress and required 
a very long time to insert the damn thing and recover (a full adrenal 
reaction, shakes, sweats etc - but HIGH BGs cos it had taken me so long to 
pluck up my courage!).

Quite honestly, I think this is one of those "YMMV/QOL" questions. I am 
quite happy to sustain a little tissue trauma (which has never been 
apparent to me) in exchange for speed and ease of mind.

Incidentally, Helen, I was so dismayed to read your post about set traumas 
- I just wanted to send you an overseas-online hug - but also make the 
suggestion that you ask your hubby to physically help you with this. I 
recently asked my hubby (a type 2 on insulin) to insert a Rapid clone for 
me on my left buttock, simply cos I can't put them in left handed and 
couldn't twist my way 'round that far. He didn't want to, but he did it 
)and then started shaking etc). He did a wonderful job (this was the set 
that lasted ten days, a record across all set types for me), and I was 
surprised by his comments afterwards, since he has to inject insulin 
himself. Things like "I didn't want to hurt you. Did I hurt you? Is it OK? 
Is the insulin coming through OK? Why is the pump beeping? (it was saying a 
square bolus had finished). How can you do that every 3-6 days?" etc.

It sounds as if with all your traumas you may have to try Rapids or bent 
needle sets. They don't tend to last as long as others - but with your 
track record they may do well! - but you can control the depth and you will 
know almost instantly if something is awry with them.

Keep taking the Bach's :) Over here it is called Bach's Rescue Remedy - and 
whilst i haven't found any measurable advantage to taking it within myself 
I have heard a number of stories anecdotally and watched it calm my 
occasionally obstreperous Scottish hubby, so I can't see that it hurts!

Most of all, hang in there :)

Tori (shutting up again now)

At 07:56 PM 11/12/2003, you wrote:

>Sorry, just catching up on orther threads...
>I reads the mails about the nurse in the US not advising the use of
>  inserters. Just to add that a friend in the US has a 9YO who has just 
> started
>and she was told by the diabetes team there not to use an inserter at all as
>they believe they cause tissue damage. She was amazed I was using one as she
>knows a few other pumpers over there and they have all been told not to.
>As pumping in the US has been going on a lot longer than here, is there
>somerthing we are missing?

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