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[IPk] Re: Set problems - had enough

Thanks for the advice and support everyone. Was having a VERY bad day 
yesterday. Have turned to Bach Flower Remedy now!
John, the info about the implantable infusion set is interesting. I will ask 
about this next time I can contact the Minimed nurse. Thank you.
The Quickset yesterday started to bleed, too! So, had some Sof set micro's 
sent through to try. Managed, after three attempts and wasted sets, to get one 
in manually but again it's in the abdomen as it's the only place I can reach 
without an inserter! But to be quite honest, although it is working for now, 
it's not something I would like to repeat! The needle seemed thicker than the 
others and particularly difficult to insert, despite twisting it first and 
 pushing very hard. Once it was through the skin it still needed amost hammering
to get it all the way. Didn't have this trouble with manually inserting the 
 other types. I think I've caused a fair bit of bruising just by doing that.
with my adhesive allergies, the tape is causing my skin to turn red and itch 
already. I think what I will do now is go back to trying the Quicksets and 
 maybe try and insert them in my rear hip area with the inserter. This will give
my abdomen a rest. Meantime I'll try and chase up other options. 
Had a good heart to heart last night with hubby. He is generally supportive 
 of medical things, but I think on this he was just clueless. Told him how bad I
was feeling, etc, and he seems a bit more understanding now. The diabetes 
 team here have no real clue when it comes to pumping, so I can't turn to them
advice. They are on a learning curve themselves. I just have the Medtronic 
people to fall back on and for various reasons that's not been possible this 
last few weeks. 
Thanks all once again
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