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Re: [IPk] bg testing in schools


I would agree with much of what Jackie has said about testing in the 
 classroom. I think that you should speak to the Head and ask why Amy is not
allowed to
test in the classroom. Try and get a very clear answer with the specifics. 
Chances are that the school simple doesn't understand what a blood test really 
 involves. And I think that Ian's comment is wrong; nobody is asking the teacher
to take responsibility for Amy's diabetes. If they still insist about not 
 letting her test in class or cannot give you a clear and reasonable explanation
for the ban, then ask about their policy on disability. They cannot 
 discriminate against children with disabilities. They should have a policy on
 opportunities for all. Ask the Head what he/she thinks the impression the other
kids in the class get when they see a person with diabetes having to leave the 
 room to do something that is part of the person's treatment, especially since
is something that can be done discreetly.

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