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[IPk] Testing in Class/Set Problems/Xmas Drinks

Testing in Class

I fear the problem here is the current Government's phobia re litigation. In 
spite of written promises by parents not to sue, if something goes wrong the 
school inevitably does get sued. Hence the unwillingness to take any 
responsibility. I have to say that if I were a Teacher (with IDD and a pump) 
I would be very unwilling to take responsibility for a diabetic child in the 
school - pumper or otherwise. The risks are too great. It is all very well 
parents saying "of course I would not not sue", but I am afraid ambulance 
chasing lawyers can be very persuasive and too many teachers, doctors, 
nurses have suffered accordingly and lost their jobs. It is a very sad 
reflection of the times we live in. The Government need to change the rules 
to allow responsible parents to give authority and it be binding. Sadly the 
current lot are too keen on taxing us and denying benefits to the needy to 
do something sensible.

Set Problems

Having used Polyfin Wings and earlier equivalents for the last 22 years, I 
would recommend these as simple, tried & tested. The modern devices, from my 
experience, do not give the comfort factor of seeing a very fine needle, 
bent or otherwise, going in. Using Microbore tape, I have had 4 infections 
in my 22 years pumping and I once kept a line in for 9 days!


A reminder - Thursday 18th Dec - Gyngleboy, 27 Spring Street, Paddington, 
London W2 1JA - 6.00pm all pumpers & those interested welcome. New added 
incentive, I promise to buy a drink for everyone who comes. Davy's 
Celebration Champagne is low fat, low Carb and I am sure good for you.

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