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Re: [IPk] Set problems - had enough!

It sounds as if maybe your husband is just a bit freaked out by the whole pump 
issue, and his way of dealing with it is to ignore it (and you). My dad has 
this kind of mentality - when I started losing my sight he felt guilty and 
couldn't accept it, so he would refuse to admit I had a problem, wouldn't help 
me even when I asked for help, and was quite nasty to me when I said that I 
couldn't do something because I couldn't see well enough, for example. It took 
a while before he came round to it, and it took me a long time to realise that 
 he wasn't being sdeliberately nasty, just that it was his way of dealing with
I'm lucky in that my boyfriend has been very accepting of the pump, but i 
think it freaked him out a bit at first too. He was quite scared of touching 
me in case he knocked it or hurt me or got tangled up or whatever, but he 
gradually got used to it and now doesn't bat an eyelid (though he doesn't like 
to watch me changing the set because he's terrified of needles!). We laugh 
about it when it gets in the way in bed, or one of us gets tangled up, or 
whatever. You probably just need to give your husband some time to get used to 
it gradually, don't try to force the issue. Just try to let him see that it's 
not scary and that it doesn't make you a different person or an alien because 
you're attached to something, and that it needn't get in the way of anything.

Good luck and keep persevering

ckie Jacombs wrote:

> Helen
 > After reading your mail I am not sure whether you should consider getting rid
> of your husband rather that
> the pump!!
 > I'm afraid he sounds like a very selfish person and it cant be helping you to
> be living with someone who
> is not giving you the help and support you need and deserve.
 > I can imagine the pressure of trying to get things right because you feel
> you are letting other
>  people down is adding to the stress. You must put yourself and health and
> quality of life first and
> decide what to do.
>  Its my daughter and not me who has diabetes so I cannot give you any advice
> about pumping and the
 > infusion sets but I am sure others here will be able to make suggestions. I
> hope that it is teething
>  problems and that you are able to sort things out and continue pumping. Have
> you had any advice from
> your pump nurse?
> Regards
> Jackie
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>>Subject: [IPk] Set problems - had enough!
>>Well, I've just read the mails on the sets and it does seem as though others
>>have had similar problems and maybe overcome them, but...
>>Over the past three days I have gone through no less than 10 sets of varying
>  > types! I have been pumping since the end of November and in that time have
> had
>>only maybe three sets that have worked, and only two which have lasted around
>>three days. When the pump works, it works fine and my control is amazing
>  > compared to the erratic horrendous control before on glargine and MDI. But
> when
 > > the sets fail, which is often, my BG's are shooting up into the 20's within
> an
 > > hour of the set stopping working (I test every hour or more) and this seems
> to
>>be happening every day now.
>>I've had some more samples sent from Medtronic and had some advice from
>  > people on here and from Medtronic themselves, which was very much
> appreciated.
>  > tried various things people had suggested, such as manually inserting sets
> and
>>changing site areas. My problems seem to be that I seem to hit muscle (didn't
>  > think I had any) each time, no matter what length the needle or the angle
> it's
>>inserted. Also, with the frozen shoulder, I cannot bend around to insert
>> easily into anywhere behind me. I am fairly slim and have little spare fat.
>>When I
>>used MDI I had to use the 5mm needles and even then, had many buises and
>  > problems with absorbtion. I'm not over skinny by any way and am in the
> healthy
>>range, but seem to be thin skinned!
>>I've tried two Silhouettes in my upper buttock area. The first worked OK, but
>>after a day got caught on my jeans and began to bleed. So, had to remove that
>>yesterday am. Was in a rush so had to insert a Quickset and used area of
>> abdomen I have used before (or thereabouts) but after a course all morning
>>BG's stayed OK) and out for Christmas lunch, my BG's shot up again. Blood in
 > > cannula. Removed and a wave of blood shot out again, taking about 5 minutes
> to
>>slow down. Made me feel awful. Massive and painful bruising again. Managed
>> after another few goes to insert S manually in hip/buttock area. That worked
>>until this morning when my BG's shot up again and after much wriggling around
>>to see in the mirror noticed the cannula had come out a little and was bent
>>over. Received some more Quicksets so tried them again, first bled into set
>>(hip) second is in stomach but not exactly comfortable. I did this manually.
>>Now, I am basically fed up with this. I was desperate to pump and was the
>  > first person in my PCT to be funded, so was basically a guinea pig. I am
> still
>>desperate to pump, but cannot cope with this set problem. I never anticipated
>> this. I am in tears and shaking plus feeling lousy from the high BG's each
>>It's also a full time job as it's taking most of each day to just get a set
>>in properly and for it to work. I am getting no support from my family. My
>> parents were queasy at the thought of the pump and were sceptical it would
>>work. I
>>was determined to show them it would. My husband is basically ignoring the
 > > whole issue. He came with me to the first pump set up meeting but has shown
> no
 > > interest whatsoever since then and when I talked to him today, or tried to,
> he
>>just told me he wanted nothing to do with it. To be quite honest, I think the
>>whole thing puts him off. Let's just say he hasn't been near me since I
>> started pumping and if I try and discuss it with him he changes the subject!
 > > told him, rather bluntly, that if I go back to MDI and my control goes back
> to
>>the way it was, I will mostly likely start to develop complications. He says
>> this is nonsense! Plus, to him and to others, going back to the MDI and
>>pumping is nothing. To me, it's failure. A big failure, both for myself and
>>for the PCT who have put their faith in me!
>>So, should I give up? Or does anyone have any idea if this whole thing will
>>resolve itself? I'm feeling pretty fragile right now and need some sound
>>advice, maybe from someone who has been there and got through.
>>Sorry to moan.
>>Type 1 29+ yrs
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