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Re: [IPk] Re: Morning hypo

Hi John
I'm kind of glad it's not just me who has BG profiles like that (and does 
stupid things like disconnect for a low and forget to reconnect!)
But maybe that's the result of a similarly chaotic life (admittedly without 
the children though!).
I don't tend to worry too much as long as I can figure out he reason for these 
things happening, and as long as my BG doesn't stay eleveated for long perids 
of time (though of course I'd much prefer a nice flat profile!)
My boyfriend takes a keen interest in my diabetes and blood sugars - makes 
sure I check my BG when I'm "feeling strange" and is very good at spotting 
lows - but he still freaks out if I have a BG of over 10! In fact, even more 
than 7 and he starts getting worried. I think it's because he's seen what 
happends ot me with a BG of 3 rather than 4, so he assumes anything above the 
"upper limit" of 7 is going to have as serious consequences.
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