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[IPk] blood testing in school

 I think the school is unreasonable here. she should not go traipsing along to
the medical room if she suspects she is lo for obvious
 reasons. Apart from this , there is no reason for her to be singled out, made
to feel dirty or a hazard, and miss parts of her
 education becasue she has D, I imagine she has a very small metre giving a
reading in seconds on a tiny drop of blood. If this is
 the case it can be done discretely under a desk and no one needs to find out( I
have checked BG on trains, in restaurants/ cafes
 etc: if the place is really buzzing and I am concerned someone is likely to see
, get upset or try to grab my bag/ equipment, then I
 look for a quieter place: possibley, but not necessarily a loo.After last
Sunday's disaster: bag and suplies literally taken from
 under my feet in Barcelona, I had to rely on the old BM stix: you put a huge
drop of blood on, time for a minute, dab off the blood,
 time another minute and compare against a chart: decided to disapear off to the
loo for this as I decided it ould be a bit messier
and hard to hide)
 To get back to the point, not letting her check in the classroom is crazy:
probabley some "safety" issue re using sharps. If the
 blood is an issue, ask yourself if there are any female teachers in the school
of chidbearing age, and do they stay at home at that
time of month. Regarding sharps
you could do as much harm using the point of a compass as her finger pricker
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