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Re: [IPk] Re: Morning hypo

>As for your horrible morning hypo, 2 comments: 1) I sometimes find that
>after about 10-11pm, my digestive system does not really seem to
>process food - if I am hypo at this time, I am much better off with
>either glucose tablets or sweet drinks - do you think the muesli was
>absorbed while you were sleeping or maybe waiting relatively undigested
>in your stomach till you woke up?  2) is it possible that your morning
>basal rates are set somewhat high perhaps taking account of some of
>your breakfast? in which case sleeping in and not eating breakfast
>could have contributed to the hypo?

No breakthrough on the basal rates yet...

This was today's BG scorecard:

05:30 11.5
08:31 7.6
11:25 4.0
14:31 20.2
15:41 19.2
17:50 2.7
20:52 13.2
22:27 8.8

Woke at 5.30am this morning bursting to go to the loo. Checked BG 11.5.
Hmmm. Took a 1 unit correction bolus. 6am my wife got up - she had a 7am
train to catch, and will be away till Friday. She half breast fed Nicholas
(10 months old), then cast him aside as she had to go. Christopher (nearly
4 years) was running around - mummy, mummy, let me take your exceptionally
heavy suitcase to the lift... (while Nicholas screams for more milk). I get
up, get Nicholas a bottle of milk, usher Christopher back into our house,
and eventually collapse back in bed, with Christopher and Nicholas on
either side of me, and Julia gone. We slept solidly till 8.30am, when I
woke up and got up, leaving the boys sound asleep. BG 7.6. That's more like
it. Pootled around downstairs for an hour - breakfast, wrote a few emails
etc. 9.30am Christopher surfaced. We're already an hour late for
kindergarten, but I'm easy about these things. Then we embark on the major
expedition of getting all three of us dressed and ready to go. Pack them
into the bike trailor, drop Christopher off at his Montessori school, then
I go off to the diabetes clinic to order some more "stuff" (BG testing
strips, insulin and infusion sets). The prescription will arrive by post
early next week with any luck (that's the new system they are attempting to
run. I give it 6 months before they abandon it). Get home, give Nicholas a
proper breakfast. I have dentist appointment at 11.30am. 11.25am BG 4.0.
Heck! 5 glucose tablets, and off I go (with Nicolas in BabyBjorn pouch
thingee - I swear by it). Not wanting to go hypo in the dentist's chair, I
disconnect my infusion set. I know I could set a temp basal of 0.0 for 60
minutes, but then it will beep on the hour and the dentist will want to
know what the noise was. And it involves pressing silly buttons.
Disconnection is quicker, more physical, more reliable. I've been enjoying
a course of treatment at the dentist lately involving a root filling. Lots
of trips as root is cleared out, sterilised, left to settle etc. Today's
trip was to fit a tooth guard. He reckons I am grinding my teeth at night.
Had a plastic guard fitted 2 years ago, which promtly broke. This time
round I am having a metal guard fitted to be worn at night. Much stronger.
Nicholas stays in the BabyBjorn on my chest, cooing away at the nurses.
Back home, then 1pm off to collect Christopher. After collecting
Christopher, I suddenly realise I had never reconnected my infusion set. Oh
what a fool I am! Maybe I should have set a temp basal for one hour in the
first place... No lunch, and by 2.30pm BG is  20.2. Bolus lots of insulin,
and an hour later it's still 19.2. 2 hours later I have a real crash down
to 2.7. I have never mastered the art of bringing down a high without
crashing. Oh, and during the afternoon as I nursed my high, Christopher
played at naughty boy. I eventually flipped, and he thought was going to
get the smacked bottom, but I relented and put him in the naughty boy's
room instead (our bedroom) and closed the door. There he stays until mummy
or daddy releases him. Seems to work. Well, 30 minutes later he's banging
on the bedroom door. Bang, bang, bang, screem, shout. Let him suffer I
think. 10 minutes later he quietens downs. Phew. An hour later I go to
retrieve him. He has urinated on our bedroom carpet! I am furious. He
explains that he needed to do a wee, I had told him he couldn't leave the
(unlocked) room; he called for me, but I never came, so he had no option
but to wee on the carpet. I don't know whether to be pleased that I have
such control over him, or angry that he can be so stupid. Bit of both I

Wrote that long paragraph late last night, but didn't send it. Reads OK
today, so off it goes :-)

BG 11.5 this morning. I'm increasing my early morning basal rates again.


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