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RE: [IPk] Silhouettes v Quicksets


And what I love is that we all can try all of the available options (for 
the most part) and find out what we like best and stick with them or 
experiment as we please :)

I will admit I only tried 5 Tenders (given 4 days each on average), and on 
all of the others bar Quicksets I have used a minimum of ten before making 
my decisions. Rapids are reliable but I don't like putting them in due to 
my phobia (and my history). Tenders I dislike because in me they appear to 
kink and they totally freak me out trying to insert them due to the 
enormous length of them *shudder* (plus muscle mass close to skin layer 
seems to make this more difficult for me, strangely). Sofsets are fine, I 
average 6 days on each and no pain etc. Quicksets I am averaging 5 days 
which is fine, and I am still learning my way around them, having only used 
5 so far - but I love the fact everything can be done one-handed with them.

What I would recommend to any new or prospective pumpers is to try and get 
a hold of at least two of whichever set you are interested in and trialing 
them before making a decision. It is far too often that we all make 
mistakes with one set, just figuring out how to insert it or looking at it! 
The more you can try the better, as you'll have more chance of finding the 
set that suits you best.

Almost bedtime for me now, so I shall go away,


At 09:33 PM 9/12/2003, you wrote:

>It's funny how we are all different.  I hate, loathe and despite 
>Quicksets, but that is only because the very first one I used bent and 
>caused a day of high bgs and doubts about pumping, and I never got the 
>hang of twisting it to disconnect....

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