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RE: [IPk] Silhouettes v Quicksets

>The woman who described the tissue trauma is a DSN (well, technically CDE,
>as they're called in the US) now employed by a American pump company as a
>clinical service manager and pump therapy trainer. She worked in the
>diabetes clinic at a hospital for several years before joining the pump
>company. The lady doesn't have diabetes herself, but her 15 year-old
>daughter has been pumping for 7 years now. I will e-mail her and ask her to
>contact you with some references. I'll let her know that you may wish to
>forward what she says to the listserv--I'll be off-line for a couple of days
>as of 7 a.m. Tues. I was surprised by what she said too!

When I read your original claim, Melissa, it caused me to raise 2 eyebrows.
Firstly at the curiousness of the claim, and secondly at the fact you
didn't say where you had heard this. But knowing what I do of you, I
reckoned you hadn't plucked it from thin air :-)

If anyone wants to claim anything that is not based on personal experience,
or is not obviously true, do please say where you heard it. It adds a shade
more credibility to things.

I used SofSets when I started on a pump in Dec 1997 (6 years ago!) and I
could *only* insert that whith the insertion gun. I tried a Silhouette
once, and was horrified at the length/breadth of the needle, and decided I
could never use that regularly. So I went back to SofSets. 6 months later I
tried again (with Tenders this time. Same product, but easier to spell).
Second time round I had no trouble inserting them. I seemed to have
overcome my angst. I've been using them almost consistently for 5 years now.

My objection to insertion guns is that just occasionally (no, quite often)
I'm inserting the needle, and it seems to hit something - grisle, blood
vessel, whatever - so I whip it out, move 1cm, and start again. I think
you're "supposed" to use a new set at that point, but I never do.

I only use my stomach. There's plenty of it, and reasonable amount of fat
;-) After 6 years it's beginning to look like a bit of war zone - not a
problem I ever had on injections. I'm keeping situation under review.


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