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[IPk] Silhouettes v Quicksets

I've been reading with interest and some horror (Melissa's description of 
the trauma imposed by the various set inserters). My son, who was 4 at the 
time started off on the 6mm Quick Sets which we inserted manually. However 
after some bad sets, our faith was shaken and we changed to the Silhouettes 
which we again manually inserted. However, we found that the entry wound 
left by the Silhouette would take anything up to 3 weeks to disappear (we 
change sets every other day) & we found because of the length of the teflon 
tubing, the area around the site that we then had to avoid was too large. 
The upper outside quadrant of a slim 4/5yr olds bottom not being very large. 
Does that make sense?   I preferred to be able to see the tube entering the 
skin on the Silhouette but we still had a number of sets where the tube was 
kinked under the skin and on many occasions it would fill with 'gunk'. 
Mainly because of the scarring we went back to trying the Quick sets a few 
weeks ago.  We're using the 9mm sets, recommended by our Medtronic nurse. 
Yes, we've had some which have kinked slightly but psychologically I prefer 
using the inserter and Sam is not as daunted by the needle size and I am 
extremely proud to say that because of this we have been able to progress to 
rotating sites round his thighs, bottom and this last week his tummy. I 
really do think that especially in the early days it's important to feel as 
comfortable as you can and if you need to try different sets so be it.
Melissa, I require some assurance that I'm not inflicting great damage by 
using the inserter...please.

Sam's mum. Sam is now 6 and uses the Paradigm.

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