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RE: [IPk] Archives

1. Go to http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk/discussion/

2. Click 'Read ip-uk mail archives' in the series of options underlined 
below the navigation buttons

3. When the little box comes up on your screen, type in your whole e-mail 
address as the Username and the word pumper as the password.

Bob should be your uncle.

See also 
http://www.diabetes123.com/chat/transcript/nataliebellini-infusionsets.htm . 
It's a bit disorientating to read, but it's an informed discussion.

Common problems with Quick-sets from the point of view of a pump-expert DSN 
I know: 1) psychological or even physical dependence on the Quick-serter, 
which can break or just get wonky (springs wear out and plastic gets 
brittle) 2) the Quick-serter causes much more trauma to subcutaneous tissue 
than inserting a set manually 3) in thin grown-ups and in a lot of children 
the Quick-set cannula is just too long and hits muscle so it kinks upon 
insertion, especially when inserted with a Quick-serter.

My pump-expert DSN buddy says that manually inserting a Silhouette is the 
way forward for anyone who can tolerate Teflon. I shall heed her advice and 
go back to Silhouettes as soon as I'm through the last Quick-sets I have 
on-hand, though I still think Silhouettes are not as nice for swimming and 
long Lush baths.

Do you have the 6mm or 9mm Quick-sets at the moment? If you're using the 9mm 
ones, trying to insert a 6mm one manually might be worth a go if Silhouettes 
are not an option (but Silhouettes are cheaper than Quick-sets, if money is 
an object and dependable insertion is a persistent problem with Quick-sets).

Good luck,


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