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RE: [IPk] soooooo depressing

Hi Rhoda,

Our Consultant is great but he keeps dragging his heels over the pump issue.
He likes to 'just try this first' all the time.

Regarding your point about infection.  I took Tash to our GP on Friday and
he checked her over.  There seems to be nothing strange going on.  We have
just had all her anniversary results, everything ok, an absolute miracle.
HBA1C up to 8.9%, thought it would be a lot worse to be honest!!!.

Julie Wildman

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Hi Julie,

 This may be off the ball-park but are you sure that Natasha doesn't have an
underlying infection ? Also  I would strongly suspect that thrush is present
is some form - thrives in high sugar, moist conditions!

 The pattern you're describing is what happens to me when I have an
infection out of control even if on antibiotics!  I increase my fluid intake
dramatically (water - as much as possible) to flush out the toxins and sugar
in the kidneys.

 It's a hard one to conquer. Also I find (as mentioned here earlier) that if
I take the extra boluses in smaller nos. - is it Bernstein  or some other
medic who finds boluses over 7 units harder to absorb and activate ! - and
also try and take it with some food (usually protein or low GI snack).

It's quite scary, I know, so you and Natasha have my sympathy.

 Have you asked the consultant to expedite it and put the request for
funding as a high priority? e.g. using faxes (seemingly an unusual method of
communication for medics at least in Lancashire!).

All the best

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