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RE: [IPk] soooooo depressing

Hi Jackie,

Natasha is taking Humalog and Insulatard am, Humalog lunch and tea, Lantus
at 2000hrs.  We are also having to give extra Humalog at 2230hrs, so that's
5 injections at the moment. We have been told that she has a very high
antibody level which is upsetting her insulin doseage.  I believe that it
works out to a unit of insulin to a KG of body weight.  I think Tash is
currently 3 x what her dose should be.

I have been told that if we self fund first our application for funding will
be refused.  There is a women within our PCT who has just received funding
for consumables but not the pump as she purchased it herself a few years

Julie Wildman

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 Sorry to hear this. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Is there any
possiblity that you could pay for a pump and then continue with the quest
for funding?

I hope Natasha is feeling better soon.

What insulin regimen is Natasha using currently?

Mum of Sasha

> We are having a nightmare of a time at the moment with Natasha.  Her 
> bg is very high, 25-33+ with ketones.  Have increased all insulins and 
> she is currently taking nearly 30 units extra to what she was having 
> last week.  We find that one week we are reducing everything because 
> she is having a lot of hypos, the next minute we are putting it all 
> back plus extra because she is too high.  Does anyone else have this 
> problem??? She has also been given anti-sickness tabs to help with the 
> constant nausea.
> Consultant has agreed to her having a pump but will not consider a 
> trial until funding is in place.  She is being started on a 'halfway 
> house regime', he is going to work out what insulin to give as extra 
> to her current dose.  We have also got to have training to count carbs 
> again, not really done this for years.
> Julie
> Tired and fed up mum of Natasha, 13ys, diagnosed at 9 mths
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