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[IPk] RE: Ryan's Pump

Hi Denise,

Hope the set change went OK today.  Have you got a start date for switching
to insulin yet?

Best wishes.

Father of Sam, aged 9, dx 7+ years
Pumping 2+ years (Paradigm 6 months)

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Subject: Ryan's Pump

Hi everyne

Ryan has been on a CGMS since Tuesday and we saw the results today. What an
eyeopener. Yesterday his bm's were between 12.1 am to 9.2 pre lunch 7.6 mid
afternoon and 9.8 at tea time .... but when I saw the graph!!!!!! we had 2
un-noticed hypos reading of 22.2mmol plus definatley not a steady rate at
all. Ryan is only 7 and has coped with it fantastically did all the
imputting himself (except at 4AM) went to school did PE and football no
probems, he's also enjoyed not having a bath all week!!! So a definate
thumbs up for a CGMS

Minimed have also asked us to put him on CGMS again in Jan to see the
difference between MDI and a pump to hopefully help others get funding and
to show medical staff the difference.

He is aloso attached to his pump now with saline, went along today my hubby
put a 9mm quickset in himself (no pump) Ryan then wanted to do mine !!!! so
he put a 6mm quickset in me using the inserter  which was alot better than I
imagined and then he did his own. using the inserter!!! What a star He's
done his own lunchtime injection and then a volus for the same amount using
saline. I just hope everything carries on smoothly over the next couple of

Ryan is also very thin (24kg) no fat on him at all but the set went on OK
into his tummy. I didn't feel a thing with my layer of fat!!! I knew it
would come in handy one day.

Gill Jones from minimed was also really helpful and explained everything
really well so the butterflies have gone until Sunday morning when we need
to do a set change but all in all a good experience.

Our PCT have also agreed funding so if anyone is thinking of a pump out
there (or CGMS), try one if you can.

Denise mum to Ryan age 7 dxd @ 9months old lantus & novorapid and pumping
saline since 11.30 am today!!!!
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