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[IPk] Re: Morning hypo

Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 15:44:27 +0100
From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IPk] Morning hypo

>Can I resign from my diabetes please? I think I've had just about as 
>of it as I can take...
When I was diagnosed in 1997, I remember my first reactions were 1) it
was a good thing I ate lots of ice cream when we lived in the US, since
from now on I would not be able to indulge in the same way, and 2) I
would need at least 2 weeks' respite to read up on the subject before
diabetes could really be allowed to kick in and I would have to start
to cope with insulin etc!
As for your horrible morning hypo, 2 comments: 1) I sometimes find that
after about 10-11pm, my digestive system does not really seem to
process food - if I am hypo at this time, I am much better off with
either glucose tablets or sweet drinks - do you think the muesli was
absorbed while you were sleeping or maybe waiting relatively undigested
in your stomach till you woke up?  2) is it possible that your morning
basal rates are set somewhat high perhaps taking account of some of
your breakfast? in which case sleeping in and not eating breakfast
could have contributed to the hypo?

>Fast-forward to half past midnight, blood test because I couldn't
>concentrate - yes, mildly hypo. Couple of glucose tablets, followed by

>of cereal. Muesli. Lots of rolled oats and raisins etc. Went to bed. 
>woken at 7am by Christopher wanting me to take him to kindergarten. I 
>pretty knackered, and my wife announced that she was taking him, not
(and would do some shopping on the way back). Fine. I went back to bed.
>Next thing, I'm in the house alone, it is 9:15am, and I am fitting in 
>with a bad hypo. Why, why, why? What have I done to deserve this? I 
said a
>few days ago I needed to sort out my basal rates. Now I really do. Is 
it OK
>if I just lop 0.1 off my rates from midnight to 8am? That's only 0.8 
>Perhaps 0.2 would be better. Or was last night a one-off piece of bad 
>where I suddenly become extra sensitive to insulin for no discernable
>reason? What do others here do to perfect their overnight basals?


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