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[IPk] Got through the night OK

Hi All

 We managed to get through the night OK. We were giving extra small doses of
Novorapid but at one point
 before I had realised that we had missed the Insultard I had given two units as
a correction dose and as
 Sasha had not been eating during the afternoon due to feeling pretty crap it
was too much to bolus and by
 the time tea time came she was still feeling pretty rough. Checked the BG and
found she was 2.8 now!!
 we were just about to eat. So in with the Lucozade put her dinner to keep warm
(awful and not wise to
 eat a roast dinner when 2.8) then 10 mins later she did eat some dinner. Just
before dinner I had
 decided because she wasn't eating loads and because there was going to be large
gap before the evening
 Insulatard would kick in. Usually no noticeable effect for a few hours, I gave
two units of Insulatard
 before tea. We had to give Sasha another extra unit as her blood sugar was
raised still at 9.00pm.

This is how it went in the end so we were pretty please it turned out OK

9.00pm     14.9   I unit of NR

10.00 pm         9.4

11.30  pm        8.3

1.10   am         7.9

2.15  am          7.1

4.00  am          6.1

6.45 am           5.6

 We weren't actually going to test quite that often but at 1.00am I had a
telephone call from the operator
 asking if I would accept a reverse charge call from someone called "Miranda".
Miranda is Danni's best
 friend and the friend she had gone out with that evening and whose house she
was supposed to be staying
 at last night. So of course I say that I will accept the call. Its not Miranda
however, but a lad who
 said that he was called Andy....... asking for Danni!!!!! Of course I was
worried as who would ring the
 parents of a 15 year old girl at 1 am in the morning just for a chat! The
operator intervened and asked
 if I knew the caller, as it was obviously not a "Miranda" and was a male. I
said that as Miranda was the
 girl my daughter went out with that evening that I had still better speak to
him. He didn't sound
 particularly drunk or anything but couldn't say that he wasn't. I said was
everything OK (we have had
 episodes a year of so ago when Danni and Miranda got very ill after drinking
vodka and Lemonade, given to
 them by so called friends) he just said that he had seen them earlier on and
wondered where they were?
 I knew that they were going to a friends house earlier and that they had been
getting a lift with a boy
 they knew. I decided to phone Danni on her mobile to make sure that she was OK.
I was now wide awake,
 cold and heart pounding. Danni answered and said she was at Miranda's (cant
ring Miranda's home phone
 as its a three storey house and the phone often doesn't get heard in the day
time). Danni claimed she
 didn't know anyone called Andy and didn't know who it was!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr she
always says this when
 challenged about late night callers and the boys that sometimes turn up outside
the house in the summer
 making a noise, revving cars or bikes, making a noise at all hours!!!!!!! Danni
is 15, 16 in February.
 Still, I can tell you that 15 is the worse age, once they are 18 things get
better. Well they did with
my oldest daughter who is now 22. Please let this true!!!

 To think I might have to go all through this sort of thing again with the
twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and
one of them having D!

Children! don't you just love em!!!!!

Off to watch 6 hours of gym soon.

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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