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Re: [IPk] soooooo depressing

Hi Julie,

 This may be off the ball-park but are you sure that Natasha doesn't have an
underlying infection ? Also
 I would strongly suspect that thrush is present is some form - thrives in high
sugar, moist conditions!

 The pattern you're describing is what happens to me when I have an infection
out of control even if on antibiotics!
 I increase my fluid intake dramatically (water - as much as possible) to flush
out the toxins and sugar in the kidneys.

 It's a hard one to conquer. Also I find (as mentioned here earlier) that if I
take the extra boluses in smaller nos. - is it Bernstein
 or some other medic who finds boluses over 7 units harder to absorb and
activate ! - and also try and take it with some food (usually
protein or low GI snack).

It's quite scary, I know, so you and Natasha have my sympathy.

 Have you asked the consultant to expedite it and put the request for funding as
a high priority? e.g. using faxes (seemingly an
unusual method of communication for medics at least in Lancashire!).

All the best

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