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RE: [IPk] Lantus v. pump

Hi Melissa

> Dear Jackie,

> I'm sorry to hear about Sasha's missed dose!! Happened to me once on MDI and
> my DSN gave the same advice Andrew's passed along--an unusual time of
> injection for insulatard can really mess things up for a couple of days.  I
> hope Sasha's up for the gym meet tomorrow.

 Its been tricky to control the last few hours as of course with the bg being
raised she didn't want much
 for the evening meal then she went too low!! Now she's back up at 14.9 again. I
guess its going to be a
 long night. My husbands feeling terribly guilty about missing the injection but
these things happen. I
 once went out to a friends house and didn't remember the evening Insulatard and
had to drive home several
hours late to give it!  I guess we're in for a long night.

> I am appalled to hear about the consultant in Bristol. Have you advised the
> person who told you of the situation that the child's family would do well
> to contact John Davis (INPUT)? John knows which hospitals and in some cases
> which particular consultants at them are content to have children on pumps.
> Speaking of him, has John not been able to advise you of the name and
> location of a hospital that would be a better institution for Sasha?

 The person who told me works for a pump company, so I am sure that they would
have passed the family's
 details on the John Davis, if they thought that he could help. I do not know
the family myself and was
 told this during discussions with a pump company about which hospitals near me
might be pump friendly.
 As I said, this was one of the consultants that Sasha's consultant thought we
should seek and opinion
 from!! I wonder why!! I have spoken to John Davis in the past but I don't think
that he has records
 that show which hospitals have children as opposed to adults on pumps.
Gloucester hospital has lots of
 adults on pumps but this make no difference as the two diabetes dept don't
interact and have been anti
 pump so far. So I have been in touch with pump companies from time to time but
there is still no
 hospitals near us that have children on pumps. The problem with going further
afield apart from the
 distance is getting a hospital to accept you for a start and even agreeing that
Sasha is a suitable
 candidate for a pump. We were originally going to be referred to Dr Julie Edge
in Oxford but then she
 was off long term due to illness and so we couldn't be seen. Also I have since
spoken to parents who
 have seen her at a clinic and say that she is not pro pump anyway and doesn't
want to discuss pumps.

> I agree with you that Sasha's present consultant must have entered the field
> because he wanted to help people. Yes, his skills need updating--he has been
> neglecting his professional responsibilities and has not been reading any
> major journals (other than the BMJ, which is not by any means a diabetology
> publication!) or attending diabetology conferences with regularity for quite
> some time. From the cases I have heard of and read about, the road to a
> lawsuit for medical malpractice is usually paved with good intentions. If
> the doctor is out of his depth with regard to pump therapy, he's being an
> arrogant so-and-so for not referring you to a colleague who is willing to
> discuss it seriously, from an informed, experienced perspective. If the
> doctor your present 'specialist' had suggested is the selfsame one who wants
> the kid from the US off a pump, your appointment with him would have been
> less of a second opinion than a repeat of the same old--at least you didn't
waste your time that day.

 Yes, I am glad I found out about the Dr in question before I went. One of the
parents from our local
 clinic when to see this doctor after being referred by our consultant here. She
said this Dr was rude
 and arrogant and their child was tired, they didn't see him until the end of
the clinic at the end of the
 day, when the Dr was also tired and wanting to get home. He didn't offer any
help to them really and
 they thought that it was a complete waste of time and effort and said he was
one of the rudest doctors
 they had ever met. The mum said to me that she'd thought that she had been sent
to the Bristol Dr so
 that she would realise how well off she is with our consultant!!!! Who at least
isn't openly rude most
of the time.

> Good luck,
> John's number is 01590 677911,
> Melissa
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