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[IPk] re: HELP NEEDED Missed Insulin dose


 I would stick with the Novorapid, testing & giving small doses. Otherwise you
risk unpredictable longer term results into tomorrow.

 You may still get some high readings overnight, but it will be easier to
correct those.

Good luck.


"Jackie Jacombs" <email @ redacted> wrote:
 >Sasha's blood sugar has been rising since dinner time around 16 mmols and has
still been in that region
 >for since 12.00. Its now 5.00pm We have given her two lots of insulin,
Novorapid since then, we though
 >that she was developing a cold, I had to go to a medical appointment and Terry
was rushing about to take
>the twins swimming.
 > We now think, and are pretty sure, that the morning dose of Insulatard was
missed in the rush. Should
 >I just continue with the NR in small does until time for her normal evening
dose which is at 7.30 pm and
 >a third of the daily dose of NPH which is 7 units or should I give her a
larger dose of NPH than usual
>and give it now??  She normally has 14.5 units in the morning.
 >She has a gym competition tomorrow so we are hoping that she will be feeling
ok as she isn't at the
>Jackie Jacombs
>email @ redacted
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