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Re: [IPk] False HBA1c results !

>I have just returned from my GP's who advised me that my HBA1c taken on 18
>Nov at the local hospital was 6.5.  A commendable result.       On 29
>October I had the HBA1c done at my diabetes clinic and the result was 8.4.
>A poor result.

Martin - I back up what Ken says - check the reference or "normal" range
which will be quoted somewhere with your 2 HbA1c results. The reference
ranges may differ. A blood glucose result is a chemical fact that can be
measured. An HbA1c is a slightly more vague opinion, and different models
of machine give different results for the same blood sample. Hard to get
your head round maybe, but that is why they quote "normal" ranges with a

I got caught out about 2 years ago when my HbA1c rose by 1% between 2
consecutive visits to my diabetes clinic, yet, like you, I had noticed no
change in my diabetes control or BG results. I made further enquiries (and
actually had to be quite persistent) and discovered that the clinic had
changed the machine it used to measure the HbA1c, and the new machine gave
results that were 1% higher for the same sample of blood! This may not be
the same in your case, but it's worth asking what the "normal range" is for
each of these 2 differing results.


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