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Re: [IPk] Morning hypo

>Yes, they can be an absolute pain in the butt. I mean the hypo, not the kids!
>John, I would not be too hasty about reducing your nighttime basal rate too
>much from just this one incident, unless your bg regularly drops in the
> morning. If it needs to be reduced, try taking off 0.1, unless you have
>quite a
>high basal rate at night in which case more might be better. And if you
>decide to
>reduce it, why not reduce it from say about 3 or 4 am. I suspect that you
>have been rather low at 7am when Christopher woke you, but you must not have
> been that low otherwise your wife probably would have noticed. So
>reducing your
>basal at say 3am is 4-5 hours before you had the hypo. For me, this would
> make an enormous difference since my basal at this time is only 0.5-0.6.
>But as
>I said earlier, I would not reduce it from this one incident. Is there no
>explanation for the hypo? Not enough carb for your dinner according to your
>meal bolus? Too stressful a day, or too much hide-und-seek with Chris before

Thanks for your thoughts Ken.

Two nights ago I went to bed on 2 pints of Tony's Vitamin G ;-) A conductor
friend who is Russian and has an Austrian wife (and a daughter
Christopher's age, and another baby due soon) wants to improve his English.
I suggested we troop off to the Irish pub together, speak English all
evening, and he pay for the beers. Worked out OK. (Except he gives up
quickly on his English, and goes back into German...) Not surprisingly I'd
had a day of chaotic BGs. So I was not really in a position to set up that
"vanilla" day. Got to bed about midnight. BG 3.9. Hmmm! Actually, not that
surprising as I'd been throwing insulin at the high BGs all day. (Did I say
recently I like to treat hypo rebounds with a raised basal rate? I'm
ashamed to say I failed to follow my advice :-( ) Another bowl of cereal -
Crunchy Nut Cornflakes this time. I cut my basal rates by 0.2 for the whole
night, so they are now:

00:00 0.5
02:00 0.7
04:00 0.9
07:00 0.7

and woke in the morning with a BG of 7.2. Not bad, but could be better I
suppose. I also felt slightly grotty - but it may have been that
morning-after-a night-in-the-pub effect. Can't say for certain.

Last night was more of a vanilla day. No alcohol. Evening in. Again mildly
hypo pre-bed. I've got to sort that out as well. Is it my evening basal
rates need changing, or am I misjudging the carb content of my evening
food, and so misbolusing for that? Small bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.
And off to bed. Slept only moderately well - woke at one point in the night
for no particulat reason. Didn't check BG. Then woke this morning BG 4.2.
Hmmm. Suspisciously low. Possibly I'd been mildly hypo before that? No

(who's still scratching his head a bit...)

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