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Re: [IPk] Tried other sites...profuse bleeding!

I once got ten days from one of my "lookalike" Rapids .... best duration 
I've had of ANY type of set (Tender/Silhouette, Rapid, Sofset or Quickset).

Rapids WILL work in Minimeds (well in the 507s and 508s anyway, dunno about 
the Paradigm), but you need to clip off the wings around the reservoir 
connection part (if you ever use one you'll understand what that means), 
using nail clippers. As far as I'm aware Minimed don't do their own needle 
that is similar.

Cheers all

Tori (woken with a BG of 17.2 and wondering if yet another Quickset has 
kinked.... *sigh*)

At 05:44 AM 6/12/2003, you wrote:

>Have you tried a metal needle yet? Emily tried teflon sets
>first because she didn't like the thought of a metal needle
>in her all the time but she had problems inserting them
>because the needles are so big. She has since switched to
>the Disetronic Rapid set, a 6mm, right angled metal needle,
>and finds it much easier to use. It looks as small as the
>5mm pen needles Emily used to use. They last 2 days rather
>than 3 but they are so easy to change that it's not a
>problem. I think the Rapid can be used with a Minimed pump
>though they probably do a similar set?
>Best wishes,

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