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[IPk] Tried other sites...profuse bleeding!

Another post script to my mails last night. I had to go back on Glargine last 
night and it was awful, as ever! BG's way high all night and today...although 
at least I could inject by pen short acting today to keep on top of them. Got 
some Silhouettes sent today. Advised by DSN and Minimed nurse (not the usual 
one, Donna, but as she is on holiday it was someone I hadn't met yet) to try 
other sites as absorption was most likely a problem due to scar tissue. Can't 
manage to reach behind me to use my buttock, so used higher up the abdomen, to 
the side as recommended on the brochures, etc. Result? Used 4 sets! First two 
bled profusely. I don't mean just a spot of blood, but lots and lots and the 
second took ages to stop...I was sure I'd hit a vein rather than a capillary! 
Ugh! Third went in but needle came out bent at right angles! (This back on my 
 lower abdomen.) Fourth went in and came out almost straight. So, I've left that
one in and tried eating then bolusing to see if it's working OK. 
This is a nightmare! Using the inserter for these as I cannot do it without. 
Question is, are there any similar sets with shorter needles? (I think as I 
am fairly slim the needles are just too long and brutal for me). I am getting 
sooooo fed up. 
Thanks to all those who have answered so far. It's been a great help. But no 
one seems to have these problems, which i can't understand. Why Me? 
OK, enough self pity. Off to test again. Fingers crossed!
helen...really P'd off right now!
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