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Re: [IPk] Ryan's Pump

Hi Jackie

I feel for anyone who doesn't get the oppertunity to get the best treatment 
for their child it is very unfair. We are going to a party tonight for the 
childrens diabetes group and I'm worried about some parents reactions but I'm 
hoping we've opened the gate for others.

Our hospital does not have the CGMS but are looking into buying one now. 
Minimed 'lent' it to us as we have gone for a minimed pump (this was one of my 
 reasons). When I get the graphs I'll have a go at putting them into the
and e-mailing them it's quite shocking as we thought we'd had a few OK days 
(not great but not bad ) and commented on this to Gill but when we saw the 
results from the CGMS!!!

 You mark on the graphs food, exercise, insulin, hypos and BM results so you 
see where the jumps are. And even though we got up at 4 am and he was 8.9mmol 
so left him at 7.30am he was 4.7mmol we thought a slow drop no he went hypo 
then came back up but without another test at 6 ish we wouldn't of known.

Good luck and thanks for the best wishes

Denise mum to Ryan (started pumping saline today)
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