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Re: [IPk] MRI Scan

Belated best wishes, John.

I think your therapist has something.  I was speaking to someone today,
about a change in the organization, and I said 'and when you are no
longer with Surrey County Council, it will make a smoother transfer' -
and he was shocked -  'is it that obvious that I want to leave!!!' I
explained that he would leave, retire, or die in post, and whichever it
was, he would no longer be in the job.  He really was shocked.  But it's
something which I think as a diabetic and as an archaeologist, I just
'know': we are all going to die [ok, if some religious beliefs are true,
we will not all die, some/all of us will get something else instead, but
it sure isn't going to be eternal service for Surrey County Council].

The mistletoe/pump/wearing a seatbelt/other measures we take to edge the
odds of a longer life, and better quality of life in our own favours
isn't a denial of the universal truth of death, but simply an
acknowledgement that life is a pretty good thing, and we'd like some
more, please.

>it's great to have someone paid to hear you
>ramble on about your thoughts and problems 

Isn't it just!  I am paying for it (called a PhD), and I also get it
free through a thing called an 'Action Learning Set'.  This is a small
group  who have been trained in listening/questioning - we do 'it' for
our work problems and thoughts.  The ALS has, in particular, helped me
to realise while family and friends _are_ there to talk to, they all
have agendas and stakes in my decisions, and therefore talking with
'outsiders' has values which they cannot provide.  

Best wishes,

(dm 30, 508 2+, has just discovered an engraving by Bruegel from the
1550s which I think has in it the fraction VIII/0 - a mathematical
equivalent of 'we are not in Kansas anymore').
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, 
                    but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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