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Re: [IPk] Morning hypo


<Fast-forward to half past midnight, blood test because I couldn't
concentrate - yes, mildly hypo. Couple of glucose tablets, followed by bowl
of cereal. Muesli. Lots of rolled oats and raisins etc. Went to bed. Was
woken at 7am by Christopher wanting me to take him to kindergarten. I felt
pretty knackered, and my wife announced that she was taking him, not me
(and would do some shopping on the way back). Fine. I went back to bed.
Next thing, I'm in the house alone, it is 9:15am, and I am fitting in bed
with a bad hypo. Why, why, why? What have I done to deserve this? I said a
few days ago I needed to sort out my basal rates. Now I really do. Is it OK
if I just lop 0.1 off my rates from midnight to 8am? That's only 0.8 units.
Perhaps 0.2 would be better. Or was last night a one-off piece of bad luck,
where I suddenly become extra sensitive to insulin for no discernable
reason? What do others here do to perfect their overnight basals?>

Yes, they can be an absolute pain in the butt. I mean the hypo, not the kids! 
John, I would not be too hasty about reducing your nighttime basal rate too 
much from just this one incident, unless your bg regularly drops in the 
 morning. If it needs to be reduced, try taking off 0.1, unless you have quite a
basal rate at night in which case more might be better. And if you decide to 
reduce it, why not reduce it from say about 3 or 4 am. I suspect that you must 
have been rather low at 7am when Christopher woke you, but you must not have 
 been that low otherwise your wife probably would have noticed. So reducing your
basal at say 3am is 4-5 hours before you had the hypo. For me, this would 
 make an enormous difference since my basal at this time is only 0.5-0.6. But as
said earlier, I would not reduce it from this one incident. Is there no other 
explanation for the hypo? Not enough carb for your dinner according to your 
meal bolus? Too stressful a day, or too much hide-und-seek with Chris before 

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