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Re: [IPk] Medisense Optium

Hi Denise, Tony & Adrian

Many thanks for all the advice - I think I will give Medisense a ring
tomorrow and if they won't let me try one on a trial I'll just go ahead and
order.  Good point you picked up there John.  My pc doesn't have a spare
serial port available although I do have USB at the front which is a lot
more accessible.


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> In a message dated 02/12/03 21:35:05 GMT Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > Has anyone who's using an Optium meter also using the precision link
> > software?  The reason I'm asking is that I'm a bit forgetful at writing
> > my results and have just checked on their site and found that it costs
> > Obviously I don't want to spend out that sort of money on something that
> > pretty naff like the last one I had was (can't even remember the name of
> > now!)
> >
> > Thanks for any advice.
> >
> > Karen Hennessy
> >
> Hi Karen
> I have used the medisense optium for my son for some time, and recently
>  changed to one touch, but as he's due to start pumping at the end of this
> we
> are going back to the medisense optium.
> this is so I can check his blood ketones and I prefer the graphs etc for
> medisense. I could never get the hang of the one touch graphs and results.
> couldn't e-mail the results to our D team either with the one touch,
> I ended up typing everything in then sending it over.
> We also got our software and leads from the hospital
> Medisense are also introducing funky covers next year for the meters- to
> footballs on his meter would be very important to a 7 year old!!!
> Can you ask for a trial run from either company as it probably is personal
> preferece?
> Denise mum to Ryan age 7 dxd @ 9 months old using lantus  & novorapid and
> CGMS until Friday- which he's coping with excellantly!
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