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[IPk] Set Changes-Need help! (long)

I'm a bit behind on the mails from the list right now, so forgive me if 
 anyhting like this has come up, but I'm having some major problems at the
It goes like this...
I have been using the 508 for a little over a month now and on the whole, 
 when it's up and running, it works just fine and is highly preferable to the
MDI regimen. But...I'm having horrendous problems with set changes. I've been 
using the Quicksets together with the inserter device. I've gone through a 
 full box in less than two weeks! Reason? no matter how I insert them, or where
my abdomen, they never seem to sit right first time. In fact, it usually 
 takes up to 3 attempts to actually get one to work. They seem to work Ok for
first hour or so, then the BG's start to rise and rise and I have to inject 
then change the set. I have had two sets that have actually lasted 72 hrs. 
The Minimed nurse suggested using the Sillhouette and gave me three to try 
 together with an inserter end of last month. I managed to get one to work after
two attempts...so used up the three in one go! What seemed to happen was that 
the needle came out bent? Why, I don't know. I was doing it at the correct 
angle and everything. I've tried both the 6mm and 9mm Quicksets, but have the 
 same problem with both. Today, for example, I changed the set (wish I
was actually my second 72hr one and was working just great)! for a 
 Quickset...had three left and was hoping to get my new Paradigm meter through
having to order any more. First attempt...went in fine, no pain, via inserter. 
Hour later, fine. Two hours later, BG rising. ...and rising, despite bolusing. 
Had a hospital appt, so changed the set while I was waiting for an X ray and 
gave myslef a shot by pen! Bled profusely when I took it out.Second set, BG 
 rising again an hour later, then again. Looked at set, blood in tubing! Changed
 again...this time my last set and didn't use the inserter, but did it manually
see if that helped! (Ordered some more in the meantime but couldn't guarantee 
next day delivery)!  Seemed to work fine for the first two hours, again. Then 
an hour ago, rsing rapidly to off scale again and No Delivery alarm sounded! 
Yikes! (first time this has happened). Checked set, (after doing another shot 
by pen) and taking it off, then priming, but seemed fine. Put it back on...no 
other sets so what could I do? Thing is, now what do I do? Do I give myself 
long acting tonight? I need my sleep! 
To be quite honest, this is all so disheartening. I end up in tears every 
 time I go through this. I am soooo careful with the change overs, but no matter
what I do, it ends up the same. Not a lot of help from the nurses. Does anyone 
have any advice, or does this happen to them? What do you do? Could it be scar 
tissue? Have been advised to maybe try leg or side of abdomen but I'm quite 
 slender and have no fatty tissue there really. I used to bruise badly and bleed
easily when I used my legs for injection sites. I have no spare fat around my 
sides. I do have some scarring on my abdomen from HRT implants, laproscopies, 
injections, etc. But try to avoid these areas. Only other thing I've noticed 
is that I seem to have blood vessels very near the surface of my skin. I bleed 
easily in most places. 
Sorry to ramble...but I do need advice asap!
Type 1 29 yrs  and counting
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