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[IPk] Morning hypo

Can I resign from my diabetes please? I think I've had just about as much
of it as I can take...

Went to bed lateish last night - about 1am. Tired but sober. We'd had a
mildly stressful afternoon at a photographers studio having some portraits
taken of our 2 young boys. Christmas pressies for grandparents back in
England. (A diet of snaps from my digital camera is regularly served up at
http://www.webshowcase.net/nealefamily , but it's nice to have a
professional sepia portrait to hang above the fireplace). Anyhow,
Christopher (3 and three quarters) wasn't having none of it... He'd found a
plastic phone in the photographer's box of toys, and sat in the corner
playing with it, and refused point blank to come anywhere near the camera.
Kids do chose the worst moments to show up your parental incompetences
don't they? We eventually gave up on the idea of a joint photo, and ended
up with Nicholas (9 months) crawling in and out of a wicker basket and
cooing enchantingly at the camera. I think there will be a nice portrait of
Nicholas in the offing. Christopher sadly has missed out.

Only when we got home did my wife screem blue murder at Christopher for
showing us up at the photographers, wasting our money, blah blah blah. I
was delegated to put him to bed immediately - it was 6pm. About 7pm dinner
was ready, and my wife had calmed down a bit, and forgiven Christopher, who
then joined us for dinner. After dinner she took Nicholas to bed, and in
fact went to bed herself. I played with Christopher till about 9pm, then I
took him up to bed, before coming back down to my office to do some
computer work (which is what I do when I'm not singing...).

Fast-forward to half past midnight, blood test because I couldn't
concentrate - yes, mildly hypo. Couple of glucose tablets, followed by bowl
of cereal. Muesli. Lots of rolled oats and raisins etc. Went to bed. Was
woken at 7am by Christopher wanting me to take him to kindergarten. I felt
pretty knackered, and my wife announced that she was taking him, not me
(and would do some shopping on the way back). Fine. I went back to bed.
Next thing, I'm in the house alone, it is 9:15am, and I am fitting in bed
with a bad hypo. Why, why, why? What have I done to deserve this? I said a
few days ago I needed to sort out my basal rates. Now I really do. Is it OK
if I just lop 0.1 off my rates from midnight to 8am? That's only 0.8 units.
Perhaps 0.2 would be better. Or was last night a one-off piece of bad luck,
where I suddenly become extra sensitive to insulin for no discernable
reason? What do others here do to perfect their overnight basals?


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