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Re: [IPk] taking the pump off for a night

Hi jackie
I think Sasha would be fine disconnecting for 3 hours of gym. When I played 
goalball I used to have a similar problem. Couldn't wear the pump because 
it's a very physical game and there was nowhere safe to put it. Training was 
usually 2 hours, so I'd disconnect for that time and then bolus a small 
amount afterwards. For a tournament, which would last all day, I would 
disconnect for each match and then reconnect between matches, and keep 
testing and bolusing small amounts as necessary to cover the missing insulin.
If Sasha isn't taking much insulin, then it will be easier (I take between 
30-45 units a day, depending what I am doing).

On Thursday 04 Dec 2003 9:11 am, you wrote:
> Hi Bev
>  Thanks, I am still in the process of trying to get a pump for Sasha and we
> may be one step nearer as I
>  have heard that the paediatric team at a hospital near us are having some
> pump training in the very near
>  future and our DSN says that we pretty much fit the NICE for receiving
> funding (though our consultant
>  still says not, and has told us he wont support us). Anyway I was asking
> about taking a pump off for so
>  long because of Sasha's gymnastics. This involves wrapping yourself around
> bars and beams and basically
>  most parts of your body come into contact with floor or equipment. Sasha
> does not mind extra injections
>  except the lunchtime one at school and that is because she has to leave
> her friends and go and do the
>  shot.. She is already having about 7 or 8 a day at the moment because we
> are really using Insulatard in
>  a similar way to Lantus and except for the morning snack, most other meals
> and snacks need Novorapid to
>  cover them. We did try Lantus by the way and had must worse results than
> with NPH. Many more hypos and
> hypers.  Certainly not a flat action for Sasha.
>  I think if Sasha had a choice between a pump and carrying on gymnastics,
> the gymnastics would win. The
>  training sessions are nearly 3 hours. On Sunday this week we will be at
> the gym from 11.00 am till
>  4.30pm as the gym club are having an inter club competition. She wont be
> doing gym all this time, as
>  they will be taking turns and watching and there will be a lot of sitting
> around waiting.
> Jackie
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