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RE: [IPk] taking the pump off for a night


 Do you find it OK if you take it off for 3 hours, that seems
a long time. Do
you have any problems with
BG rising later?  Does bolusing for the missing amount work

Hi Jackie

I have found that on the odd occasion when I get a problem
with the infusion set that this often happens in the middle
of the night when I cannot be bothered to change the set (or
worse have been out drinking and don't trust myself to change
it properly).  When this happens I bolus manually with a
syringe and set the alarm for every 3 hours and it works a
treat (Diabetic 26 years - injecting with a syringe is like
brushing my teeth even if I have had a lot to drink I can
manage this no problem!).  I guess it depends on what your
basal rates are as to how long you can go without insulin but
every three hours will be enough to keep my BG's less than
10.  I do note all the points about being able to wear very
slinky things and still wear the pump.  This is the only
dress I can't and to be honest its no big deal - that is the
beauty of the pump - very flexible!


Beverley Smith
Consultant Development Geologist
SNS Team Leader
ph 0118 929 2422
fax 0118 929 2660
Mob:07899 062099

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