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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #563


> I like Nanette's suggestion about providing information about
> setting your own basals etc. This is not treading on doctors toes;
> most doctors don't know, and those that do don't have the time, and
> in any case, the last time I looked, it was me and not my doctor who
> was at risk of complications!
> I liked the Minimed workbook, and I've seen charts from a number of
> (UK) hospitals aimed at setting basals. The ideal has to involve
> missing meals, but of course if this is a big trauma, it will set
> off a release of the wrong hormones and glucose will rise (faster
> than usual). An alternative is to eat a carb-free meal, and limit
> basal rate adjustment to three hours before and an hour after.
> John and Pat, why not collaborate on a section about basal setting
> on the site? I can muster additional professional help at any level
> if you wish.
> Tony O'S

If you like, the section can be submitted to the Insulin Pumpers 
Advisory Board for comments before publication if you think that 
would be of use. There are some very well known names on that short 

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