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Re: [IPk] Medisense Optium

In a message dated 02/12/03 21:35:05 GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Has anyone who's using an Optium meter also using the precision link direct
> software?  The reason I'm asking is that I'm a bit forgetful at writing down
> my results and have just checked on their site and found that it costs #30.
> Obviously I don't want to spend out that sort of money on something that is
> pretty naff like the last one I had was (can't even remember the name of it
> now!)
> Thanks for any advice.
> Karen Hennessy

Hi Karen

I have used the medisense optium for my son for some time, and recently 
 changed to one touch, but as he's due to start pumping at the end of this week
are going back to the medisense optium.
this is so I can check his blood ketones and I prefer the graphs etc for the 
medisense. I could never get the hang of the one touch graphs and results. I 
couldn't e-mail the results to our D team either with the one touch, therefore 
I ended up typing everything in then sending it over.

We also got our software and leads from the hospital 

Medisense are also introducing funky covers next year for the meters- to have 
footballs on his meter would be very important to a 7 year old!!!

Can you ask for a trial run from either company as it probably is personal 


Denise mum to Ryan age 7 dxd @ 9 months old using lantus  & novorapid and on 
CGMS until Friday- which he's coping with excellantly!
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