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[IPk] Pump Holiday

Hi Julian,

I never actually had a pump holiday, though I have 'come off' the pump last 
April.  I found that my basal rates changed frequently, though this is no 
easier to deal with on Lantus, there are less options on injections though.  
I now have a comparable HbA1c and my all-importsnt morning blood sugar I can 
keep around 6mmol, so I may stay off the pump.

I would not worry too much about travel, as if you prepare well to travel 
with a pump, you should not encounter too many glitches.  Once out in the 
sun it is all about preparation too.  I managed a holiday in Greece last 
summer with my pump.  I took ity off to swim in the sea/swimming pool/water 
skiing.  It is possible, though spontaneous swimming is not so possible (or 
those previously amusing times when you are pushed in the pool).

Don't ruin your holiday adjusting back to injections though.  Injecting for 
a week or so before may be a good transition.

Good luck,


IDDM 10 years, ex-pumper for 1 year until last April.  Now on Lantus/Humalog


Date: Sat, 22 Nov 2003 13:11:10 -0800
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IPk] Re: Pump Holiday

Hi Pat

Thanks for your reply. I take your comments on board. I think the two
underlying reasons for thinking of time off the pump were: 1) I am finding 
it a
little difficult to sort out my basals. Even when I fast and adjust they 
within a couple of days. Maybe I'm going through that male almost forty 
2) With the way things are lately in the world and after yesterdays incident 
Turkey, what are people going to think about someone pressing buttons on a
device attached to themselves on a plane. also I am not to happy to spend 
of the time near the pool and in it with a pump strapped to my waist. I 
like to enjoy Cyprus and I think the pool would be quite significant in this

Does anyone have any comments/advice on these issues?



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