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Re: [IPk] MRI Scan

Thanks everyone for their good wishes.

Idle thought for the morning... having a brain tumour is a bit like
diabetes. I am now fit and healthy to the outside world, and lead a fairly
busy active life. Yet privately I know I am nursing a condition which *may*
kill me in the not too distant future. The difference is that with diabetes
my daily efforts probably affect the outcome. With the brain tumour there
ain't nothing I can do - I am in the hands of the doctors. Or should I say
I'm in the hands of fate??? (But aren't we all?)

Actually, there is something I'm doing for my tumour... several people
(German friends) asked if I was also taking mistletoe therapy. I was a
aghast at the thought of people paying to have weekly injections of
mistletoe extract (which is reputed to promote the immune system). Then I
discovered (via my GP) that my cheap-and-cheerful health insurance will pay
for it all (in the case of brain tumours). I'd assumed it was hokus-pokus
nonsense, and indeed my British GP had never heard of it, but if the health
insurance would pay, that seemed like a reasonably good endorsement. So I
now do that once a week - it's not unlike an insulin injection. 1ml into
the stomach fat.

My wife and I each (individually and together) see a counsellor about once
a fortnight, to help us work through the traumas of the last year. (I can
thoroughly recommend this - it's great to have someone paid to hear you
ramble on about your thoughts and problems :-) Anyhow, my counsellor wanted
to know how I had responded to the tumour diagnosis (imminent death had
been the first prognosis). I replied I had been very relaxed about it all.
She felt this might be related to the diabetes. Some people become
blubbering wrecks when they learn that death might come sooner rather than
later. But I know my body isn't perfect, and it is only by my own daily
efforts that I stop the diabetes killing me. So being told a tumour might
take me instead invoked just a shrug of the shoulders.


(Oh, the toe is fine thanks Rhoda :-)

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