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[IPk] RE: ip-uk-digest V2 #569

Hi Tony

Yes I know there is great expertise on this list.  My comment was meant to 
exclude this list which I find invaluable.  Maybe I still hold to the idea 
that doctors know.

I have now got to see my GP for repeat prescriptions (got to the end of the 
number allowed on my repeat prescription - managed to delay for two months 
by telephone) - this will take me about an hour and half and no doubt he 
will nod and turn to his computer.  Sorry I like my GP, he's OK.  I'll ask 
for the tests I should be having (which the hospital doctor forgot or 
wouldn't order) like an extra HbAic (annually seems too little) and I'm sure 
he'll let me have them.

OK I'll stop moaning.

All the best Heather

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>Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 00:05:01 -0000
>From: "Tony O'Sullivan" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #563
>Heather you have access to doctors too, there are at least 3 pump-using
>doctors in the list. The funny thing is, they (we) gain as much from 
>who aren't doctors as you might from doctors. My conclusion from reading 
>list for over a year as a mature doc is that being a pump user or someone 
>diabetes for a few years, is as important as a medical degree. This list is 
>tremendous resource, and everyone contributing to it should be proud of the
>excellent balance it provides between good advice, reassurance and open
>I like Nanette's suggestion about providing information about setting your 
>basals etc. This is not treading on doctors toes; most doctors don't know, 
>those that do don't have the time, and in any case, the last time I looked, 
>was me and not my doctor who was at risk of complications!
>I liked the Minimed workbook, and I've seen charts from a number of (UK)
>hospitals aimed at setting basals. The ideal has to involve missing meals, 
>of course if this is a big trauma, it will set off a release of the wrong
>hormones and glucose will rise (faster than usual). An alternative is to 
>eat a
>carb-free meal, and limit basal rate adjustment to three hours before and 
>hour after.
>John and Pat, why not collaborate on a section about basal setting on the
>site? I can muster additional professional help at any level if you wish.
>Tony O'S
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