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Re: [IPk] Medisense Optium

I have used Precision-link for years, and I've looked at all the other
systems. I highly recommend the precision-link, particularly with the more
recent medisense meters, because it is simple, gives excellent graphical views
of your data, the views can all be modified from the same screen, and are very
printable. The modal day, which shows all readings in a period (set by you)
all in one 24 hour period on a graph, has a particularly good feature, where
you click on one value and it highlights all the values on that day. If you
double-click, it takes you to the log-book listing for the same reading so you
can see the readings around it.

The lifescan software has small but annoying problems with having to scroll to
see the bits of a screen, and Roche and Glucometer systems are a little
over-complex, but good if you are a total 'nerd' and like to record everything
you eat on your meter. No offence intended, that could be most of you!

Precision-link is well worth the money.


PS good news John. Back to only worrying about diabetes for a while.
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  Has anyone who's using an Optium meter also using the precision link direct
  software?  The reason I'm asking is that I'm a bit forgetful at writing
  my results and have just checked on their site and found that it costs #30.
  Obviously I don't want to spend out that sort of money on something that is
  pretty naff like the last one I had was (can't even remember the name of it

  Thanks for any advice.

  Karen Hennessy
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