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Re: [IPk] Down Under, and time zones...

Hi Barbara
This is the strategy I tend to use and it works pretty well for me.
Nerves and adrenalin - I've posted about this before in relation to softball 
and dancing competitions. Still can't find a perfect solution, although I was 
in a dance competition on Saturday and for the first time in a long time, my 
BG didn't shoot through the roof! I'm not sure why, except that I was 
spending so much time helping everyone else that I think I forgot to be 
nervous myself! And I had got myself ready in advance (hair, makeup etc) so 
that I had time to help everyone else, so I didn't have the usual last-minute 
frantic rush to get ready myself. However, since the competition, my BG has 
been dropping like a stone (and it's now 3 days later!). Not sure if that's 
connected or not....

On Tuesday 02 Dec 2003 12:22 pm, you wrote:
> Dear Mary
> We had much advice (varied and differing) for Charlie on his recent trip to
> the States and in the end, we decided to opt for letting the pump know when
> his body wanted to go to sleep, and then re-setting the clock accordingly.
> So we did billions of tests to check that the journey, current basals, lack
> of exercise and unusual diet were not affecting him unduly, stayed awake on
> day one as long as possible (we walked the children to Times Square at 1 am
> !!!) and then re-set the pump for bed that night. It worked a dream -
> though we didn't know for certain it would. We did similarly on the way
> back and stayed awake a ridiculous number of hours, then changed the clock
> when he went to sleep. I not expecting it to be so smooth because of the
> length of the journeying days and the basals he was on. I suppose his needs
> were controlled with boluses.
> We found post-concert nerves/adrenalin affected him far more that the times
> zones we crossed. Any thoughts on this?
> Barbara
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