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Re: [IPk] Greetings from Down Under, and time zones...

> I am now adapted to the time zone changes, but it took well over a week
>which my bgs were all over the place. My basals are so variable anyway that it
>was impossible to predict what would happen, my body seemed confused too!
> I have to go back to work four days after we return, not for a while yet
>but I
>thought I'd ask if anyone had any hints or tips? (I will be checking my mails
>every few days.)

Greetings Mary -

Glad you have survived the trip out!

Nothing to conclusive to add - except when I went to New Zealand in 1986,
it was a 48 hour trip door to door, arriving in Aukland at 8am! Our host
(who seemed to be experienced at receiving jet-lagged visitors) recommended
a day of vigorous activity - sightseeing, trips into the woodlands etc -
and during dinner that evening, I was so tired I literally fell asleep into
my bowl of soup!!! A bit messy. But I then called it a day and went to bed.
My diabetes control was in any case so chaotic in those days, I had no
strategy - except filling my face with enough food to prevent hypoglycaemia.

My wife spent a month in Tokyo a few years ago, and when she returned she
got up every night for over a week to have a cup of tea at 2am!

Given that in millions of years of human evolution we have never before had
to be able to suddenly adjust our brains to new times zones, it is quite
remarkable that we can change time zones at all, without going gaga.

(who's body is still trying to get used to the change to winter time last

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