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Re: [IPk] Greetings from Down Under, and time zones...


I just want to add that if you find yourself in Brisbane or nearby (by my
terms, within 120 miles/200km) please call as I would love to meet up.
Also, of course, contact me if you hit any probs you feel I may be able to
help with. Ph no. here is (from Cairns) 07 3892 1928.


Tori (far too hot here for my liking, I'm hoping Mary hasn't melted ...)
PS. Yes you can buy Melatonin caps/tabs at the chemist (and some
supermarkets) here. I bought some to help me sleep a few years ago, and
they didn't!

At 09:09 PM 1/12/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Mary
>I travel a lot and last year did two trips with 8+ hour time differences. 
>I find that coming back, the best thing is to try to beat jetlag as 
>quickly as possible by keeping busy and staying awake the first day until 
>normal bed time (in UK time) no matter how tired I am. The quicker I beat 
>the jetlag and get my body back to Uk time, the quicker my Bg levels and 
>basals etc go back to normal. You can also try Melatonin tablets which are 
>supposed to help you regulate your body clock. You can't buy them in the 
>UK but I think you cna in Oz (you can in the US). However, they gave me a 
>hangover type feeling in the morning when I woke up, though they were 
>effective in getting me to sleep at the right time.
>I also find that getting my BGs back to normal is much easier on the 
>return than on the way out.
>enjoy the rest of your trip!
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