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[IPk] Re:Greetings from Down Under, and time zones...

Hi Mary,

I've not crossed time zones much with my pump, but the following seems to
have worked so far!

I've made the assumption that my insulin needs are probably related to my
own internal body-clock more than to the actual time of day, therefore I
tend to adjust the clock on the pump at about the same rate that my body
clock is adjusting. So the time on the pump should reach local time atabout
the same time I shake off jet lag. In practice this means adjusting the time
on the pump by 2-3 hours in every 24 - but YMMV

The spanner in the works is the stress, lack of sleep etc involved in
travelling itself and that time spent on a aeroplane is always, for me at
any rate, fairly 'timeless' (meaning that I have no sense of what time it is
at all) This throws my body clock out far more than jet lag. For a flight as
far a Australia, the effect of this, I guess, could be quite significant.
Someone has recommended to me to set a single basal rate that reflects an
average of my daytime rates for the duration of the flight and test every
hour, taking extra insulin every 2 hours or so as needed. I haven't tried
this method though.


Enjoy the rest of your trip - I would much rather be in Australia than stuck
in the rain in London cramming for exams!

Type 1 20+, MM pumper 1.5+ 

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