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[IPk] Re: Reducing insulin when having hypo

I don't think there is any way to automatically return the H-tron
Disetronic  back up to 100%. But it beeps at the end of the 4 hours,
and you just have to press a button, any button to stop the beep, and
then it does return automatically. I seem to respond to the beeping in
my sleep and do the right thing. I figure this is safe, since to do
anything other than just pressing one button would be too complicated
to do while sleeping!
I also cannot sleep usually when hypo at night. Also not wanting to
gain extra weight, or to lose sleep, I try to eat a very small
quantity, just enough to bring me up to normal, and lower the pump to
80 or 90% of the normal basal, on the grounds that if I am needing a
bit less insulin that night, I am likely to continue to do so, and if I
did not also lower the basal rate, I would be likely to go hypo again.
This seems to work well for me at least.

>I was advised by my pump specialist to try reducing the insulin
>in my pump when I'm having a hypo at night.  Was pleased to learn you
>do the same.  However, I find mostly that it seems to take hours to
>work.  On the H-tron Disatronic is there a way to just automatically
>return the pump back up to 100% or do you just have to manually do it?

>Mostly I'm so tired at 2am when I'm having the hypo I haven't the
>patience to wait for it to rise.   Also I can't sleep when it is low, 
>I'm missing out on a couple of hours sleep.  Sometimes I just give up 
>eat and not bolus, which is fine - but I could well do without the 
>food - weight wise.  Any suggestions?HeatherIDDM 43 yrs H-tron coming 
>3 yrs

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