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Re: [IPk] Reducing insulin when having hypo

In a message dated 12/21/2002 10:33:17 PM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> try reducing the insulin
> in my pump when I'm having a hypo at night.  Was pleased to learn you 2
> do the same.  However, I find mostly that it seems to take hours to
> work.  On the H-tron Disatronic is there a way to just automatically
> return the pump back up to 100% or do you just have to manually do it? 
> Mostly I'm so tired at 2am when I'm having the hypo I haven't the
> patience to wait for it to rise.   Also I can't sleep when it is low, so
> I'm missing out on a couple of hours sleep.  Sometimes I just give up and
> eat and not bolus, which is fine - but I could well do without the extra
> food - weight wise.

Hi Heather,

Like you, if I'm actually having a hypo (as opposed to bg dropping and 
knowing it's going to happen if I don't act) in the night I have no option 
but to eat - I'd be unconscious by the time the reduced/stopped insulin 
delivery had any effect!  The same goes if I've consumed alcohol in the 
evening, for obvious reasons, and it is that time of year!  Thankfully, 
post-pump I now have much better hypo awareness and will wake at night - 
although sometimes in my sleep and impending hypo state I don't realise why 
but eventually, after tossing and turning for ages, will reluctantly get out 
of nice warm cosy bed and go and test...  With the Minimed pump, you can 
programme a temporary basal rate, so I would key in a rate of 0 units per 
hour for a couple of hours knowing that it would see me through.  I'm sorry, 
I don't know much about Diestronic pumps so can't help there, but there are 
plenty of folk on this list who can advise.

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